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What people are saying about StatsLC resources

My class this year have loved the cards and ask to do Dragon Stats often. — Amanda Carter, Pukekohe Intermediate

I highly recommend this video. Thank you so much for this simple 4-minute video explaining confidence intervals. Your example was simple and clear, and you explanation was logical, coherent and straightforward. I tried several other sites to learn about this, including Khan Academy, and they were very confusing, and all over the place. Great job! — Jim Hesson

I think that the videos are useful for students so that they can access the learning at any time and any place, information sheets are good, quizzes are extremely useful and if used well by students they are an excellent learning tool. — Vicky Binedell, St Cuthbert's College

This video is so helpful!! our prof showed us this in class :) thank you ! — Fatima Al

Easy to understand and precise. Thanks! — Cl Choi

This video is awesome. I recommend all of my professors to watch this before going to class! — Sean Xiao

Thank you for making this video! It was really easy to comprehend, and I think it will well-prepare me for next year's AP Statistics! — Ani

You make it clear to me in less than 8 seconds. — Q Hry

This game is really cool! — 8 year old

I just wanted to thank you for all the videos. They're all very informative and easy to grasp. — Ameen Ali

I love your videos — Reem Unown

very helpful, thank you! — Miirrinda

The kids really enjoy the games and constantly ask to play. The dragons really appeal to the kids both boys and girls. The games are also good for a variety of levels and if you are creative could be utilised in more than just maths. — Ben McDonal, Ohope Beach School

Finally!! Got it. thx. — Raffaely r

I think the resources are extremely helpful as I am teaching Stats for the first time and needs lot of assistance. I would however love more worksheets and answers on the external topics. The videos were very helpful. — Auckland high school teacher

Like the dragons themselves and their names. — St Theresa's School student

I finally got it! Thank you! — Kyla Mae Tan

Dragonisitics data cards have engaged all students at all levels of my maths in my classroom. The cards are interesting and have a range of attributes for the students to work with. The subject specific vocabulary that students were able to use when discussing the cards was a huge improvement to what it had been before their use. I highly recommend the use of these cards for posing open ended problems involving statistical data. Students ask to use them, which in years 7 & 8 is huge. They motivate the students to engage in their learning. — Nathalie Jeeves-Edwards, Kaitao Middle School

Leo loved this game and we have been playing it most nights. — Tracey, parent

Fantastic game, builds solid knowledge and is riveting at the same time. The children loved the game and begged me to play it again the following days. For a resource to be so well loved and liked in a short period of time is fantastic. — Lee Hudson, St Joseph's Morrinsville

Great, simple and funny. — vladimirhovno

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