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What people are saying about StatsLC resources

Dragonistics cards were an engaging and worthwhile activity for introducing statistics and graphing. The activities that the students participated in were rich and enabled them to work together in class and small group discussions. Key statistical concepts were introduced and reinforced in a simple yet effective manner. — Marquerite Way, Ramarama School

Thank you for making this video! It was really easy to comprehend, and I think it will well-prepare me for next year's AP Statistics! — Ani

This video is so helpful!! our prof showed us this in class :) thank you ! — Fatima Al

I think that the videos are useful for students so that they can access the learning at any time and any place, information sheets are good, quizzes are extremely useful and if used well by students they are an excellent learning tool. — Vicky Binedell, St Cuthbert's College

It's really fun and cool that it's using maths but you don't really know that it's maths as you are playing. — Year 6 student, St Mary's School

Very helpful with my statistics class and these concepts. — Crystal Miller

The kids really enjoy the games and constantly ask to play. The dragons really appeal to the kids both boys and girls. The games are also good for a variety of levels and if you are creative could be utilised in more than just maths. — Ben McDonal, Ohope Beach School

As a teacher StatsLC resources have been very useful to help students understand the key concepts when dealing with statistics. The students find the resources engaging and the site is easy to navigate around.I Definitely beneficial for students studying for externals. Thank you StatsLC! — Yvonne Vujcich DP Kaikohe Christian School

My class this year have loved the cards and ask to do Dragon Stats often. — Amanda Carter, Pukekohe Intermediate

Like how [The Dragon Games] is about luck and also about strategy. — St Theresa's School student

Thanks, :) i got it. — Tegar Aditya

very nice presentations in all of your videos. No extra words, nothing to confuse. Definitely recommendable to others — donibrasco 1

Guys why don't we just skip hours-long college lectures and learn it all here in 5 minutes? I have community medicine exam on Saturday. Thanks for the help! — sangar sdiq

Helpful, well-explained, videos are helpful, good, easy-to-use. — St Cuthbert's College students

Dragonistics is cool. It was fun sorting them with their different attributes and stuff — Kaitao Middle School student

Finally!! Got it. thx. — Raffaely r

This game is really cool! — 8 year old

You make it clear to me in less than 8 seconds. — Q Hry

Easy to understand and precise. Thanks! — Cl Choi

I finally got it! Thank you! — Kyla Mae Tan

very helpful, thank you! — Miirrinda

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