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What people are saying about StatsLC resources

Helpful, well-explained, videos are helpful, good, easy-to-use. — St Cuthbert's College students

My class are LOVING this game. The graphics are amazing and the children are having fun and not even realising that they are actually learning — Primary school teacher

Very very clear your job! Kia Ora from the Philippines!!! — pyre17

Great video!!! I understand it now! C = .95 — David Keane

Thank you!! Your video was such a great help for a refresher on the course. :) — Lily Callaghan

We feel like we could use [Dragon Cards] to write stories, maybe using the outcome to base a story on; the attributes of the dragons give them personality. — St Theresa's School student

Thank you for this video, it gave me the clarity on the subject I was in need of. — Stephan Fenris

I got a positive response from my students that they were finding the videos and notes for the Internals very helpful. We will certainly use the quizzes etc for our revision for the final exams next term. — Dunedin high school teacher

Like the dragons themselves and their names. — St Theresa's School student

You make it clear to me in less than 8 seconds. — Q Hry

StatsLC has been a fantastic resource for our students. The material is engaging and also the most up to date of any other resource we use for teaching NCEA L3 Statistics. The boys love doing the quizzes which give clues and comments if they need help and they really enjoy the videos. The written material (especially on 'newer' concepts such as triangular and uniform distributions) is really helpful to both teachers and students.
We also use the videos for our Level 1 and Level 2 NCEA students which enjoy and get good understanding from. They make what can be a difficult topic to teach properly, so much easier to understand with simple and fun everyday examples to get points across. — Wellington high school teacher

Easy to understand and precise. Thanks! — Cl Choi

I finally got it! Thank you! — Kyla Mae Tan

The Dragon Games: I like how you can take cards off other people. — St Theresa's School student

I just wanted to thank you for all the videos. They're all very informative and easy to grasp. — Ameen Ali

This video is so helpful!! our prof showed us this in class :) thank you ! — Fatima Al

Thank you for all the wonderful videos you've provided in the Statistics Learning Centre. They come very handy as an introduction to the different Statistics topics and also for emphasising important information for each topic.They are very clear and easy to understand. I use the quizzes as class revision and they do them in groups. They enjoy doing the quizzes in groups because I do it as a competition, whoever gets the highest score wins.
I know you still have a lot of ideas to add to Stats LC which will be very helpful tools for teaching Statisitcs. We hope to continue to be part of the Statistics LC's success. — Rotorua high school teacher

Thank you so much. You just saved me for my upcoming stats exam. — Tina Hii

A great guide for the students and I would encourage some of my more capable students to create their own challenges for other students. This in turn will demonstrate, or not, their understanding of the various data collection and display methods learned during this year. — Vicki Hagenaars, Waiouru School

Great resource, eye catching graphics that the boys were drawn too. — Carmen Quinnell, Hawera Intermediate School

Why haven't anybody suggested me this channel? This channel is the best statistics channel that have seen so far. I just love the videos...very well explained... — Rajiv Vinay Sagar N

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