Statistics Learning Centre

Statistics Learning Centre supports learning and teaching statistics and mathematics. StatsLC develops and provides learning and teaching resources for schools and university-level learners. Our resources include videos, our award-winning Dragonistics data cards, online learning, and other physical classroom resources. We also provide professional learning development for teachers and run events for learners.

Statistics Learning Centre is a social enterprise that aims to:

  • Empower all teachers to teach statistics,
  • Help students at all levels to learn statistics and mathematics, fostering excitement and discovery,
  • Make statistics accessible to all, so that people may become better informed citizens of the world,
  • Give families fun and educational activities, and
  • Educate citizens about important things.

StatsLC started producing high quality video and other resources in 2011 and has been helping students learn statistics all over the world ever since.

Put simply, being a social enterprise means profits are reinvested to allow us to develop additional resources and run activities for learners.


Statistics Learning Centre aims to have a positive and measureable impact on teaching and learning statistics, in particular, and educating citizens, in general. We track the impact we have and share it with our customers.

Statistics Learning Centre is run by Dr Nicola Petty and Dr Shane Dye. Together they developed the award winning Dragonistics data cards, NZStats online NCEA resources, popular statistics videos and other support material for teachers. Both are experts in teaching and learning statistics, mathematics and operations research and are up-to-date with current mathematics teaching research and practice.

As a team they develop trusted teaching and learning resources for statistics and mathematics across all curriculum levels from Year 1 to university. These resources are used in schools throughout New Zealand and in schools and universities around the world. Together and individually Nicola and Shane have successfully run professional development workshops for teachers. They have a proven record of building strong relationships with teachers.

Nicola Petty (aka Dr Nic)

Dr Nicola Petty is an expert in teaching and learning statistics and operations research. She spent the past 25 years developing online and physical learning resources for primary, secondary and university students. Nicola is a qualified high school mathematics teacher with additional experience teaching innovative primary school mathematics lessons. She has 20 years experience teaching statistics and operations research in innovative ways at the University of Canterbury. This work earned her a university teaching award.

Nicola wrote and developed the 50+ Statistics Learning Centre videos for learning statistics and using mathematics and statistics resources for teaching. She writes a well-respected statistics learning and teaching blog.

Nicola has a strong network with school mathematics teachers and education professionals. Her enthusiasm and charisma make her the obvious choice as front-person for Statistics Learning Centre.

Shane Dye

Dr Shane Dye has 20 years of experience lecturing operations research and supervising PhD students at the University of Canterbury and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Shane has spent the past 15 years developing online and physical learning resources for primary, secondary and university students. He has expertise in the New Zealand mathematics curriculum and experience running lessons and activities for primary and intermediate school students.

Shane has programming and technical skills developed over many years while researching decision-making under uncertainty for power generation, water resource planning and telecom. He develops and maintains the Statistics Learning Centre IT systems and acts as the technical helpdesk support.